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4º Edition / Coordinator: Dr. Julio Herrero

Coming soon, a new revised and updated version of The Atlas of Assisted Reproduction App will be available in App Store and Google Play. The Atlas is a great tool to clearly explain patients, in a graphic and interactive way, from A-Z in the field of reproduction, including potential treatments and technologies to be applied during the treatment of infertility.

Like previous versions The Atlas covered not only basic concepts on female and male Anatomy and Physiology, protocols of stimulation for IUI, IVF and ICSI, but also the most advanced laboratory procedures and technologies applied in modern ART clinics.

The Atlas app will be available for iOS (iPhone and iPad) and Android devices.

Merck is proud to announce, in our 350th anniversary, the release of the 2018 Atlas of Assisted Reproduction


The Atlas has been entirely improved and includes new 3D graphics, movies and interactive models, generated in an electronic format, to demonstrate how to perform retrievals, transfers and many other procedures routinely used in the IVF clinic.

The content is organized in six different sections in the application.